Study Kits can be ordered now

Howdy to all Aggies! The Student Services Committee provides study kits to our Aggies during finals. The Study Kits are filled with goodies to help our Aggies get over the blues of finals. The mother who are in the Fort Worth/Tarrant County Aggies Mom Club purchase the study kits as a way of sending a little care package to the Aggies at least twice a year.

The Study Kits contain a variety of goodies, from peanut butter cookies/ crackers, chips or popcorn, candy chocolate, a gift card to a restaurant in College Station, bottle of water, some type of TAMU gadget ( a pen, binder clip. Etc.) cookies, microwavable food item and items like that.

The first disbursement of the kits will be given out at the November FW/TC Aggie Mom’s meeting. The bags are brought to the General meeting in November and everyone who purchased a kit will be allowed to pick it up at that time. It is then up to the parents to get th


Last year’s Study Kit

em to the children. We will not ship them, however, if a parent is unable to attend the November meeting some arrangements can be made with other moms that live in the area to deliver the bags to those parents. It’s usually pretty easy to find someone who is headed to College Station the following weekends and will drop it off to your student.

The second disbursement will be taken to College Station in May and given out in the MSC. Photos are taken and the Aggies really enjoy getting the study kits. It is a wonderful time and the look on their faces is so much fun.

The study kits cost $20 a piece. You can order them at any club meeting or by using the Study Kit part of our membership form.

Please make checks  out to: FW/TC AGGIE MOMS’ CLUB

Click here to download Word .docx file that you can fill out to order Study Kit