2017-2018 Executive Board

To contact members of our board, email Fwtcaggiemoms@aggienetwork.com and your email will be routed to the appropriate board member.

President                                                  Gail Pigeon
Parliamentarian                                     Wendy Bell
President-Elect                                        Maria Wheeler
V.P. Membership                                    Debbie Benner
V.P. Programs                                          Torie Deremo
V.P. Hospitality                                        Maria Wheeler  
V.P. Communications                            Carol Zuber-Mallison
V.P. Fundraising                                      Cindy Kilpatrick
V.P. Scholarships                                    Donna Riddick
Secretary                                                   Jackie Barrett
Treasurer                                                  Diana Poulson
Historian                                                   Julie Briden-Garcia
Federation Representative                 Tammy Ormuz 
Chaplain                                                    Judy Walker
Yearbook Chair                                       Debbie Benner
T-Shirt Chair                                            Cindy Molina
Ring of Honor Chair                               Lisa McMillan, Jan McDonough
Silent Auction Chair                               Sherry Caver
Student Services Chair                          Denise Robertson, Debbie Dickinson
Publicity Chair                                         Phyllis Stone
Merchandise Chair                                 Cindy Kilpatrick (temporary appointment…
                                                                             are you interested?)
Crafts Chair                                              Debbie Schneider
Big Event Luncheon Chair                    Patty Murphy, Sharon Summers
Hospitality Committee Member(s)    Sharon Summers, Lezlie Pinto