This is what the Fort Worth/Tarrant County Aggie Moms Club is all about! This year we raised enough funds to grant 10 (Ten!!) $1,000 scholarships to current and incoming Aggies. This year’s recipients are:
• Amanda McDowell
• Macy Miller
• Morgan Peterman
• Damian Varga

• Andrew Baxter
• Daniel Ballin
• Laura Deremo
• Ross McMahon
• Monica Salas
• Kelly Xavier
• Seth Reine
• Josiah Caver

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL: Back in 1994, the club established an endowment that provides an annual stipend to a deserving student for all four years of their college career. It’s called the Fort Worth/Tarrant County Aggie Moms Club Endowed Opportunity Award. The university administers the fund and selects the student receiving the award.
By the end of the 2015-2016 school year we had raised enough funds that–in addition to the scholarships granted–we made an initial $5,000 contribution toward the $25,000 required to endow a second opportunity award. This past year–the 2016-2017 school year–we were able to make another $5,000 contribution toward that second award. We will continue to push toward completing that second endowment. If you know someone who would like to help us, please have them contact us.

PLUS OUR ANNUAL GIFTS: Our club has a tradition of annual end-of-year donations to student organizations. This year our April luncheon raised $XXXX for the Big Event at Texas A&M. In addition, we were able to give $4,000 in support to:

Corps of Cadets
The Texas A&M Law School
Aggie Relays for Life
TAMU Women’s Lacrosse
Tell Your Story
Big Event
Aggies Transition Camp
Career Closet
MSC Abbott Family Leadership Conference
TAMU Gilbert Leadership Conference
TAMU Legacies
Taylor’s Place
12th Can
Veteran’s Resource Support Center

Way to go, Aggie Moms!!!

THANK YOU to all students who applied for the Aggie Moms’ Club scholarship. We are proud of all our Aggie students and the legacy they continue for Texas A&M University. Please check this page in November for next year’s Scholarship Application information.